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Brown Beige Color Blocked Pillow cover 22' x 22"
Elegant Gray Cream Pillow Cover

Elegant Gray Cream Pillow Cover

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Black and White Striped Handwoven Pillow Cover

Crafting Unique Rugs, One Thread at a Time

Preserving and promoting the traditional art of Morocco is an integral part of our process.We take pride in being a top-notch Moroccan decor brand, committed to presenting Our Customers with the most exquisite, one-of-a-kind rugs, each woven with its own fascinating story.

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Perfect for hallways and entryways, runners add a touch of style to high-traffic areas.

Small Rugs

Ideal for adding accents to cozy nooks, under coffee tables, or next to your bed.

Medium Rugs

Versatile enough for living rooms and dining areas, medium-sized rugs tie your space together .

Large Rugs

Suitable for entire room, under dining table, or as centerpiece for living space.

Vintage Moroccan Treasures

Explore the rich heritage of our hand-picked collection of vintage rugs, each a captivating work of art aged between 20-30 years. Discover the enchantment of a bygone era beneath your feet.

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