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Our company specializes in handcrafted Moroccan decor, supplying to some of the biggest home decor companies globally. With years of expertise in sourcing the finest quality materials, our skilled artisans create unique and beautiful products that embody the rich cultural heritage of Morocco. We are now excited to launch our B2C website, giving direct access to our stunning collection of handmade pieces to customers worldwide. 

    Why Sidi?

    We started Sidi to change the way people shop for Moroccan rugs. By blending tradition with modernity. The Moroccan weaving craft dates to 600 B.C., representing generations of tradition, artistry, and symbolism. While these rugs are as beloved as ever, much of their history and symbolism have been lost in translation and transaction over time. At Sidi, we believe the stories behind each of these pieces should be preserved and shared.

    Sourcing Process

    We design our rugs in-house and collaborate with rug master artisans to make them in our workshops in the Atlas Mountains. Then we bring the rugs back to our Marrakech showroom where we polish and re-wash each weave, before sharing the story with you on our online store.


    Each rug is handmade by artisans preserving centuries of tradition—no machines or mass-production. We strive to use all natural fibers and dyes throughout all of our textiles and harvest our wool without harm to the animals.

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